Floral hair garland for Scandanavian Midsummer celebrations

The Scandinavians celebrate Midsummer each June with dancing around maypoles, games and food & drink. Adopted by Christianity from pagan times St. John's Eve or St. Hans Aften, which Honours the birth of St. John the Baptist, sees the undiminishing sunlight of their summer solstice being embraced by communities throughout Scandinavia who, on a day full of revelry, join one another on a long feasting table, to eat traditional dishes and to drink aquavit or the customary schnapps which is usually drunk neat, ice cold and very quickly.

Much like the tradition of bonfires night in this country and our burning of the effigy of Guy Fawke's, communal bonfires are also lit at Midsummer festivals with a witch's doll placed on top to scare off trolls, witches and evil spirits! 

Floral hair garlands are worn at festivals throughout Scandinavia and with so much Scandinavian inspiration currently being enjoyed in our homes, you can show off some Scandinavian flair this Summer with these floral printed head bands.


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